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Sophie Mol

sophie mol


The powerful and talented, Sophie Mol is stepping into the spotlight as the lead singer in different coverbands. Since she was a little girl music and singing has always been part of her life.  As her interest for singing became more serious she worked on fine-tuning her unique sound with the help of several vocal coaches.


After being given opportunities to sing with various coverbands it became more clear she desired to have a band of her own. So she set off to gain more stage and vocal experience to make it happen.


From 2010 to 2013 she followed a program at the Havo for Music and Dance in Rotterdam.

In 2016, she graduated from allround beautician and took a full time job in Aruba at the Bugaloe Beach Bar as a Singer/Entertainer. 


Currently you can find her as the lead singer in a coverband singing her heart out to songs inspired by Adele, Aretha Franklin to Stevie Wonder and Joss Stone.


“Such a talent, a powerful, lovely voice. Along with a sunny personality that lightens up rooms, hearts, and minds, you're still the best!” –Bugaloe Guest


Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Etta James, India Arie,

Jill Scott, Jessie J, Joss Stone & Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson

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